Trophy Trout Seeker Subscription Information

Please, no professional guides.

For the avid fisherman and trophy trout seekers, this LIMITED QUANTITY (25) premium annual Trophy Trout Seeker membership is for you. Cliff Webb offers specific locations and zones and where and when to fish to help bring home the big ones. Every detail necessary to keep you in the know is explained by one of the top professionals in the Fishing Guide Industry.

While the regular Fish Tracker subscription also offers much information to improve your fishing skills and location picks, this Trophy Trout Seeker membership offers far more specifics to help you become a professional with results to show for it.

The Trophy Trout Seeker premium annual membership offers a select number of members online access to the following:

  1. in-depth locations and hotspots
  2. Cliff Webb's journal of events
  3. Cliff Webb's recommendations and forecasts
  4. tips to help you succeed
  5. the most effective lures
  6. fish patterns & daily movements
  7. statistics & water conditions
  8. initial fishing trip DISCOUNT
  9. select fishing gear DISCOUNTS (COMING SOON!)

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Max 25 Members for 2008:
$1,000 per year + tax  (10)
$1,200 per year + tax  (10)
$1,500 per year + tax  (5)

Call 361-949-0707
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