Crowd at TP&W holding tank watching big live Trout
survive a tournament.
Second place team Ryder Green and
Bryan Wolfe of Corpus Christi.
Watkins, Webb Dominate "BAFFIN BASH"
39 OF 44 Big Trout Brought In ALIVE
Mother Nature blew with a fury, west and north on Saturday, then strong out of the southeast on Sunday. But these guys are good! 36
of 41 weigh-in fish were ALIVE and put into the TP&W hatchery holding tank
. Three more just under 20" were also put in the tank.
According to TP&W biologist Robert Adami, 32 have survived since the tournament. Many will breed sometime next month.
74 anglers grinded it out in the "Baffin Bash" on the weekend of Feb. 22-23 facing the toughest challenge imaginable.
lead sponsors Texas R.F.A. and All-Star Graphite Rods. Thanks also to
Interstate Battery of Victoria, weighmaster Rocky Guerra of Roy's Bait
and Tackle, and Marker 37 Marina for the fine home base for the weigh-in.
Many thanks to the sponsors who made this tournament happen:
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the championship with an unbelievable performance in the toughest weather
imaginable. They weighed in the maximum of 8 fish, all alive, and had a Bash record-
breaking total of 55 lbs. 3 oz., counting the live bonuses. Watkins was in the zone.
Jay Watkins with his LIVE 9 lb. 10 oz.
"big girl" just before being put into
hatchery holding tank.
Saltwater Angler's
The team of Jay Watkins of Rockport and Cliff Webb of Corpus Christi captured
Webb took him to his Baffin honey holes
and Watkins caught the three biggest Trout
in the tournament, including a 9 lb. 10 oz.
"pig" on Saturday, which may be the largest
Trout ever weighed in an organized Texas
Trout tournament. On Sunday, Watkins
caught another almost as big, at 9 lb. 2 oz.
The winds were so brutal on Sunday that
only 11 fish over 20" were weighed in, with
the top two teams claiming seven of those.
For four straight years, the winds of
February and March have hammered us in
the "Bash" and these talented big Trout
anglers have never had two good weather
days to really show their stuff. I am
considering moving the "Baffin Bash" to
middle or late January
next year to try and
escape the gale force winds.
2003 "Baffin Bash" champions
Cliff Webb and Jay Watkins.